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March 2021

CAPTION: March 2021
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Child Protection Conferences

This chapter has been reviewed and updated and should be re-read.

Bruising / Suspicious Marks on Children Not Independently Mobile

This chapter has been updated to reflect local practice in Berkshire.


This chapter has been updated throughout including new links added to resources for addressing bullying linked to race/faith, and resources to help make schools, colleges or other settings LGBT inclusive. See Section 4, Further Information.

Criminal and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Gangs

Children Affected by Gang Activity, Criminal Exploitation and Youth Violence Procedure has been updated.

Children from Abroad, including Victims of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation

A link has been added in the Further Information section, to the statutory guidance Modern Slavery: how to identify and support victims 2020.

This guidance replaces:

  • Duty to Notify the Home Office of potential victims of modern slavery;
  • Victims of modern slavery: frontline staff guidance;
  • Victims of modern slavery: competent authority guidance.

Children Living Away from Home

The Children in Custody section has been updated.

Dogs and Safeguarding Children

This chapter has been reviewed and updated.

Children Visiting Prisons

This chapter has been completely re-written and should be re-read.

Children Visiting Psychiatric Wards and Facilities

This chapter has been refreshed throughout and terminology updated, and additional information was added in to Section 3, Visiting Patients in the High Security Psychiatric Services: Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton, in line with the High Security Psychiatric Services (Arrangements for Safety and Security) Directions 2019 and associated Guidance.

Concealed Pregnancy

This chapter has been reviewed and updated.

Female Genital Mutilation

This chapter has been reviewed and updated and should be re-read.


This chapter has been substantially updated and should be re-read.

Whistleblowing or Raising Concerns at Work

Section 5, Further Information, has been updated to include useful websites and guidance.

Next Update: July 2021

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